Engineering, mould production and injection moulding

Development, design and optimisation of injection moulding applications under one roof – as a broad-based system supplier we bring all the processes together. This enables us to accompany our customers as a producer and development partner from the initial concept to the finished serial product, and to advise them with important ideas for quality, design or reduction of production costs. Here you can find an overview of our range of services.

Mould and tool construction

Durable mould parts and precision moulds do not develop by themselves – in our production halls we combine the latest technologies and knowledge with the experience and skills of our long-standing employees. Your success is our task, which is why our range of services does not end with the production and design of high-quality casting moulds. We are happy to take care of the finishing and maintenance of your moulds and moulded parts. Our competent team is at your side with helpful ideas in every phase of the project.

Production of injection moulds

For data consistency, our CAM system interfaces directly with the design of the injection moulds. We can thus produce both simple mould constructions and the most complicated moulded-part geometries quickly and without errors. Thanks to our modern machinery, equipped with the most advanced measuring technology, we can react flexibly to the wishes of our customers at any time. Moulds up to a size of max. 500 x 600 mm and a weight of up to one tonne (1 t) are not a problem for us.

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We manufacture injection moulds:

  • for thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers
  • for processing plastics with very high processing temperatures (high-performance plastics) or plastics with a high filler content
  • for overmoulding of inserts, by manual loading or handling up to integrated moulds in automation lines
  • for automation lines with strip extrusion in reel-to-reel technology
  • for moulded parts with visible surfaces - polished to a high gloss for steaming or electroplating - as well as eroding or etching structure for painting
  • for 2K or 3K moulded parts
  • for unwinding of moulded parts with various thread forms (via hydraulic motor, rack and pinion or demoulding via collapsible core)
  • with hot nozzles, hot runner systems and valve gate systems

We also manufacture:

  • Die casting tools for lead and zinc
  • Casting moulds for lead


Customisation and servicing of injection moulds

In close coordination with our customers, we service and repair delivered moulds or individual components, guaranteeing that mould precision and planned production times are maintained. Of course, we also take care of modifications to the moulded part and to the mould in order to meet new requirements. Moulds can be adapted to a surprising degree.


Production of mould components

We manufacture customized tool components according to the wishes of our customers. After receiving the customer data, we use all the technologies available to us, for example to realise the mould inserts or mould parts.