Engineering, mould production and injection moulding

Development, design and optimisation of injection moulding applications under one roof – as a broad-based system supplier we bring all the processes together. This enables us to accompany our customers as a producer and development partner from the initial concept to the finished serial product, and to advise them with important ideas for quality, design or reduction of production costs. Here you can find an overview of our range of services.

Injection Moulding of plastic moulds

Moulded parts that are produced by injection moulding have to meet the most stringent requirements in some respects. In this case, precision, strength and longevity require the highest degree of care and precision from all employees. Our Moulds team is able to handle even the most complicated geometries. Equipped with advanced machinery and state-of-the-art measuring technology, we are able to process high-performance plastics and plastics in the shortest possible time and according to the most unusual customer requirements.